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Yoshikazu Takahashi


Born in 1981, Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture, Japan. Lives in Yokohama. Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Information, Keio University.
He started posting photos on the web in 2002, and in 2011 he moved to Instagram as his main place of expression, where he currently has over 100,000 followers. Through corporate projects and collaborations, he continues to communicate the majestic charm of Japan.

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When he began his photographic career, his main subjects were his family. It was the portfolio of his son and his wife when they were still young. That didn’t change for a while after he started his Instagram.

Gradually, however, this was to change. The various beauties of Japan became the subject of his photography, and at the same time, he began to transmit these beauties to people outside of Japan.

It was not only his subjects that changed, but also his style. What started out as a high-key development method gradually gave way to a low-key one, which was perfectly suited to expressing the majestic beauty of Japan.

He shoots a wide range of iconic images of Japan, but it is the Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree that are the most famous. They have their own heavy tone, but what’s surprising is the camera from which he derives his atmosphere. The photos below were taken with the EOD 5D Mark I, well over 10 years after it was released.

Like many other Japanese photographers, he also excels at photographing cherry blossoms. You may have seen one of these at some point, as some of the photos have been featured on several well-known accounts.

His private work isn’t the only thing he’s been sharing through Instagram. He has collaborated with many companies in the past to maximize their value. In particular, he is known for his ability to introduce products in a way that intersects with the charm of Japan and attracts a large audience.

And more recently, he has started working with the government as well as businesses, and in 2019 he became an official ambassador for the city of Yokohama, making a significant contribution to the city’s appeal through photography. He insisted on choosing places and events that are not often featured by other photographers as his subjects. By doing so, he was able to introduce the attractions of Yokohama to a wider audience and succeeded in gaining their interest and attention.

He will continue to spread the charm of Japan in the future. If you would like to offer him a job or collaboration, please send him an email here >> yockzzzz [atmark] gmail [dot] com


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